What is and how to use and youtube proxy site

Just in case you have never used a website like UnblockYTProxy.com we decided to put together this article that introduces proxy sites to those who have never used one.

What is a proxy
Simply put, a proxy service is a service that allows you to place a url into a form. The contents of the url you requested are then fetched with the internet connection at the proxy service. Then its sent over to your browser just as it you were accessing it directly.

How to use a proxy
If you were to visit a proxy site you would be greeted by a form. The only field on this form is where you enter the url or resource you are trying to get to. More often than not, people who use proxies are those who has access to limited internet access.

This is just the beginning of this proxy series. On our next post we will cover some advanced types of proxies as well as some advanced uses. You wont want to miss it.